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5 Disadvantages Of Starting Niche Blog

5 Disadvantages Of Starting Niche Blog

Today we are going to talk about the disadvantages of starting niche blog while few days back, I brought the advantages of niche blogging to you

5 Disadvantages Of Starting Niche BlogThat’s quite a simple formula of this world. Everything has advantages and disadvantages just like Niche blogging has it’s pros and cons. Though niche blogging can make you rich or at least reasonable amount of money very quickly and pretty decently as compared to open style blogs. But still it has some points that you really need to consider before believing my previous words and starting a niche blog.

1. Blogger’s Block :

Call it a problem, situation, disease of bloggers or whatever you want, but it’s the worst thing in the world that can happen to a blogger of any niche . For those who don’t understand, blogger’s block means not knowing what to write next or struggling every time for finding a new topic.

Since niche blogging is focused on certain topic or topics, it is pretty easy to run out of ideas and feel like everything else have been already covered and now there is nothing left to talk about. Even though that’s not how it actually is.

2. Limited Audience :

While having a very close topic allows you to easily understand your audience and market your blog , it has a huge problem as well for you.  Niche blogging limits your audience to a certain boundary and you you will not find anyone interested in your content outside of that circle. For example, if you started a blog focused on something that entertains Teenagers, most likely people over 50 will not be interested in your content at all because their needs and interests are totally different than teenagers . That’s where Niche blogging starts to hurt you.

3. Less Learning Opportunities :

Since you are working in a limit, you probably don’t have time to learn things related to some other niche. For example if you run a Sports Blog, you will fall short if someone asks you to solve problems of readers. Because you are never worried about what your readers are facing and the only thing that is most important to you is to do your best to deliver hot stories as quickly as possible and keep your blog up to date. Hence you don’t get to learn as much as you can in free style blogging.

4. Low Traffic

Targeted audience means less visitors. Because you are appearing in the search engines for certain topics and readers probably don’t expect anything else from you except that topic and similar ones. As said before, you have a limited audience in niche blogging hence your blog will show up to a certain group of people, only who are interested in your topic. If you have health blog, only those people will visit you who have some medical problem or they want to avoid horrible diseases. But if health is included on freestyle blog, someone reading a sports news or tips might be interested in knowing the secrets of some diseases as well.

5. Fewer Guest Posts

Guest posting really helps your blog to grow up but only after you have managed to get a decent ranking. In niche blogging, only the bloggers in your niche are interested to guest post for you. And how many guest post proposals you get depends on the size and depth of your niche hence lowering the number of possible easy posts for your blog. While in freestyle blogging, each and every blogger might be able to create an article matching your blog’s content. I hope you get my point.

Now after you have seen disadvantages of starting niche blog and read the advantages of niche blogging (link in first line of article) , what are your plans and thoughts now ? Do you agree ? Is it how you think it is ? Or you think something else ? Have you ever experienced these points ? Make sure to let your fingers speak of your mind and let your vice be heard in comments section below.