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9 must use websites for promoting blog posts

9 must use websites for promoting blog posts

9 must use websites for promoting blog postsCreating high quality content and publishing it at a well designed blog is must to gain follow ship and achieve success.

But these two are not the only things you need to do after you hit the publish button. After you publish, the real work begins. Traffic will not arrive to your blog by just publishing and sitting back while sipping coffee.You have to promote your work not only to get other people notified about it but make search engines feel your presence. Hence, knowing the right places to promote your blog posts or articles can lighten up the speed of process and results would be quicker and smoother.

While Google can answer almost all questions that a human mind can ask, I’m interested in saving your time by showing you 9 must use websites for promoting blog posts. And by the way, all these websites have worked for me each and ever single time I tried.

1. :

Bizsugar is number one in my list after seeing and enjoying amazing results that it gave me after I used it just for a while as active member. I strongly recommend you to join it if you have not already. Simply connect your Facebook account or fill out simple form and sign up.

The process of submitting articles is way too easy and your article goes live to bizsugar community immediately. They upvote or comment on your articles and if you manage to get enough votes, you make it right to the home page and after that, it seems like rivers of visitor have been turned towards your website.

Community of Bizsugar is very active which results in true high quality comments, backlinks and subscribers. When you join, you can submit only up to 3 links in 24 hours. But if you become active, your limit is increased to 30 links per day. I highly recommend you to submit your every new or at least best posts at this website and see the magic.

2. :

No special skills are required in case of driving traffic from world’s largest social platform even though having them can do the wonders. I have already mentioned why Facebook is must for all bloggers.

Facebook is easy traffic generator and one of the must use websites for promoting your articles as you publish them. You can have a fan page and share links through it or post it in relative groups that allow links sharing. There are simply so many ways to squeeze traffic out of Facebook.

3. :

Getting traffic from Twitter seems to be just a little bit harder than Facebook and I don’t understand why it is so. Though, I always get less traffic from Twitter as compared to Facebook but that traffic is worthy having too because Twitter users are pretty active.

Hence, I strongly recommend you to use Twitter as a serious option for promoting your blog posts.

4. :

You never know what’s going to be a hit at this website. I have seen horrible posts and articles getting viral at Stumbleupon and high quality articles being burned but that’s not always the case.

Well, there are some pros and cons of getting traffic from StumbleUpon and I want you to keep them all in your mind before submitting your article. But let’s face it. If you have followers who followed you because they wanted to see content coming from you, you are at the ease to drive many visits but in other case, that’s a little harder.

5. :

Inbound was created by Dharmesh Shah and Rand Fishkin and became popular relatively very quickly. The first most amusing that you’re gonna find there is that you don’t need to fill up any signup forms. Simply connect your twitter account and enjoy.

Website has an amazingly active community who usually love to view more than 2 pages on average. This website, however, has some strict policies and you can struck out without being informed which makes it necessary to read and understand their terms before you start to use it.

6. :

This one is premium and to be honest, I have never used it but I’m thinking to join it very soon. As for what my friends say, it is a very active place and traffic is immediately flowing to your blog after submissions.

But I didn’t just trusted them, I went on to have a look around and read other reviews about it which caused me to add this website in must use websites for bloggers to promote their content.

7. :

As the name suggests, this blog mainly focuses on SEO but there are many other related things too like social media. Just like the most of websites in this list, response is immediate and affective.

Readers coming from this site don’t usually comment a lot but they do a lot of page views on average. Hence, it is beneficial without any doubt to submit your all new posts.

8. :

Getting popular and squeezing traffic from Reddit is known as “Dirty Work” in my daily promotion tasks. The reason for it is that there are no rules, methods or tricks to get hot.

The only thing every one knows about this website is that funny and controversial stuff works brilliantly out there. So if you are interested to promote your article the best way possible, then I suggest you giving Reddit a try.

Though, I love to say “Luck is for Losers” but sometimes this is the only thing that can save you. Same goes for Reddit. Try to create the best content possible, submit it to Reddit, sit back and just hope.

9. Google Plus :

When first Google launched this platform, no one seemed to care about it and it started to die but Google realized that. They added some such huge benefits that at least all bloggers and webmasters had to start utilizing this network. There is no doubt that it is real hard task to get traffic from Google Plus due to the lack of audience and features but I have experienced that once this network starts working, it is probably unstoppable.
Update: Google closed recently its social network. End of the experience.

Do you know any websites that you wished was in this list “must use websites for promoting blog posts” ? Or if you are using some of above mentioned websites, how is the experience?