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Trends: Discord Street

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Trends: Discord Street

Discord Street is a platform for discovering new Discord servers.

More than three-quarters (76%) of global internet users engage in some kind of online community.

And with Discord now above 100M monthly active users, there are millions of people looking for new servers within their niche.

Discord Street has $550 MRR. And currently boasts 229K unique monthly visitors per month.

What’s next:
Discord Street is part of the Discord tools meta trend.

Discord generated $130M last year, up from just $5M in 2016. Which has contributed to its most recent valuation of $10B.

The startup’s success has spawned add-on products, most notably Discord bots – automated tools that add functionality to servers.

Among the most popular bots is Mee6, a moderation and gamification bot added to 3M Discord servers.

Other rapidly growing topics related to discord bots include, Loritta, and Carlbot.