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Fridge organizer

Fridge organizer

Organizing a fridge effectively

The average size of American dinner plates has doubled in the last 50 years, leading to significant changes in food consumption patterns.

Many families now have bigger fridges, more ingredients, and more complicated meals—which means more food gets wasted or lost in the back of the fridge. Americans discard an average of roughly 100 pounds of food from their fridges each year, often because they literally can’t see what they’re missing.

Less food waste

Fridge storage containers are an increasingly popular new way to keep fridges organized and make sure everything gets used on time. And while they may seem like a luxury product for people who value a neat and organized fridge, in reality, they’re a cost-saver, popular among cash-conscious consumers, that reduces waste.

Grocery shopping, too, has changed in a way that incentivizes people to buy more food: online shopping leads to bigger orders (30% increase in average cart size), since this can save money on delivery costs. And grocery ordering apps have gotten good at using in-app ads to push people to buy just a little bit more.