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Google Adsense – 40+ Alternatives Of Google Adsense

adsense advertising

adsense advertising

Google Adsense is the most worst product of the Google but for those who have got their account disabled but not for those who are still Using it ;) .

Because none can be the true alternative of the Google adsense, but due to its mass banning and its bad behavior many bloggers have started to hate Google adsense.

I’ve seen many bloggers who are earning $1000s of dollars without Google adsense because its also possible with other PPC programs. If your Google adsense account is being disabled and you are worry about, then we have few solutions and alternatives of the Google adsense to help you. So, stand up and start making money with new passion.  Following are the 40+ Google adsense alternatives.

1. Yahoo! Bing contextual ads

One of the highly recommended PPC program which is commonly known as If you have experienced with adsense and have not earned a lot of money then will surely help you in getting enough money. Because in you will be paid on per impression basis, So don’t worry if your click rate is low for the ads. These text ads usually looks better then adsense ads.

2. BSA or buysellads

Another competitive Google adsense alternative is buy sell ads. You can earn more with buy sell ads because with buy sell ads you have to sell the ads on your site and those ads will be powered by buy sell ads. While trying buy sell you have to set the ad price of your website and after selling any ads you will be given 75% of the commissions. But the problem with BSA is that you need to get at least 50K page views a month to get approval for BSA, but that account will not be banned like Google adsense.

3. Adtaily

This is anther true alternative for the Google adsense if you want something new in banner ads then you should go for Adtaily help readers to buy ad units on publishers website and then publishers can get up to 100% commission. Adtaily is a new company but its product is awesome, you should give it a try.

4. Ad Dynamo

Ad Dynamo is another best alternative to Google adsense, Ad Dynamo is also PPC programs like Adsense. Its CPC is growing day by day, but if you are using adsense then only use that. If your adsense is banned then you should give Ad Dynamo a try.

5. Chitika

Some people think that Chitika is also a good alternative of Google adsense, yes it is. But who thinks its better then adsense, I just want to say them “Just stop joking ;) “. If your adsense is blocked then you can give Chitika a try its earning are competitive with info links.

6. Infolinks

Another mostly used advertising network by the bloggers to earn extra income. Infolinks is very different advert program the all of other online advertisers. Info links automatically link the content of your website with their advertisers product. Normally they link content related to the “keyword” searched by the visitors in the search engines. As these are in content ads that’s why click rate for info links is always high but the earning are lower then adsense. But its useful because you can also use info links along with adsense and Buy sell ads and can increase your earnings as it offer what others don’t.

7. Clicksor

Clicksor another good programs which pays you best for the impression no matter if you are getting low clicks. If you page impressions are 500 pare day then you will easily be making 2-3 dollars. But these earnings also differ with niches, they also offer text ads like info links.

8. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is also better then Google adsense in some ways, for example minimum pay out is $10, you can check the bids of ads on your site. You can also control you ads, you can also add templates to your ads and most importantly you can get money through PayPal which is quicker then check and wire transfer.

9. Admob

If you don’t want to use Google adsense in your mobile application then you can give Admob a try. Admob is best Google adsense alternative for mobile app developers.

10. Burst Media

Burst media is another good alternative for Google adsense. But its very hard to get approval for that, you need massive traffic if you want to use burst media ads.

Bonus ( Other Google Adsense Alternatives ):


Know the best about 40+ Google adsense alternatives:

So, these are the 40+ Google adsense alternatives, don’t worry if your adsense account is banned because some these monetizing networks will pay you more then Google adsense. But if you have a good experience with any other advertising network then please share with us here. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.