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Trends: Overgear

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Trends: Overgear

Overgear is a rank boosting marketplace for popular video games, specializing in World of Warcraft.

The startup takes a 12-16% commission on all services sold on the marketplace. Last year, more than $8M of sales went through the site.

Overgear employs 50 people, compared to a staff of just 15 at launch.

And currently generates $1M in monthly revenue.

What’s next:
Overgear is part of the Pro Gamer Tools meta trend.

Mordor Intelligence reports that the gaming industry as a whole is worth $162.32B. This is forecast to grow to $295.63B by 2026.

And with 2.69B gamers worldwide (Newzoo), there is a huge market for tools and accessories designed to give pro gamers an edge.

Overgear outsources gaming altogether to help players level up and unlock achievements. But many pro gamers are seeking out gaming coaches. In November last year, industry giant Corsair acquired coaching marketplace Gamer Sensei. The platform had raised $6.3M in funding at that point.

Other fast-growing topics within the category include gaming gloves, gaming mice, and gaming glasses.