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Should We Embrace Or Fear AI?

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Plenty of people have spoken out about their concern for how AI will forever change the way we work

Copywriting, marketing, and even creative creation workers seem to be cagey about the implications of AI on their job security.

However, AI could be a boon rather than the curse many fear it will be.

Do more of what you enjoy.

All those bottom-of-the-barrel tasks and reports that keep you from doing the work that will make an impact can be frustrating. However, this is one task that AI is exceptional at taking off your plate. Removing repetitive tasks from your workload should let you focus on those bigger tasks you want and need to be working on.

Brainstorming: Your Head Start

Along the lines of getting basic tasks out of the way, sometimes you might just need a little kickstart for what you now have time for. If you have an idea for a newsletter that focuses on the housing market (as an example), then you could feed that into a bot like ChatGPT which can create a list of jumping-off points for you to work on.

It doesn’t stop at brainstorming either, as using AI for more pointed research. If there’s a facet of a piece you’re writing that is eluding you, AI can help you find the answer you’re looking for faster and more accurately.

Leveling the Field

As many things in the business world do, innovations in technology can disproportionately aid bigger companies and corporations. However, AI is one that can help you level the playing field. If a small business owner has only so much bandwidth to take care of things on a daily basis. AI handling the leg work for them or their small marketing team can reduce the hour they would normally spend on a daily marketing email into 30 seconds to generate it and 25 minutes to edit.


As a last note, there is one last thing those anxious people worried about AI miss. Despite its incredible power and potential for growth, human oversight will always be needed to ensure nothing goes wrong. There’s a reason that while many big businesses are adopting the technology, none have offloaded all of their marketing campaigns to it.