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[Trends] Foil wings

[Trends] Foil wings

Foil wing, wing surfer, surf wing, wing foil. These are all different names for the same piece of sports equipment.

Wing foiling as a sport consists of standing on a paddleboard that uses a hydrofoil. And at the same time holding a wing to catch the wind.

The world’s first wing foiling competition only took place last year.

Yet searches for “foil wing” have already started to take off, with 376% growth over the last 24 months.

What’s next:
Foil wings fall under the “new-age sports” meta trend.

Other examples of sports quickly taking off as part of this meta trend include:

Teqball: Ping pong meets soccer on a warped table.
Pickleball: A badminton-tennis-ping pong hybrid.
Padel: Mini-tennis played within glass walls.
Carveboarding: Skateboarding on a wooden board akin to surfing.


[Trends] Foil wings