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Trends : Battery Powered Chainsaws

Battery powered chainsaw

Battery Powered Chainsaws are rising in popularity on account of several surprising factors. For one, they’re quieter than the traditional gas-powered alternative which means they can be used earlier in the morning. The earlier professional landscapers can start work, the more revenue they can generate each day.

There’s a safety component as well: most chainsaw accidents happen while cutting down trees, and a quieter chainsaw makes it easier to warn someone about falling branches and other hazards. When you demand a lot from your chainsaw, having the right saw chain can make a big difference.

The noise factor is appealing to consumers too, who account for the majority of the 3M+ US chainsaw sales each year. As more cities ban noisy lawn care tools like leaf blowers, consumers are looking for a quiet alternative. And as the average homeowner gets older, the difficulty and inconvenience of starting a gas-powered tool has become more salient. Reviewers cite the convenience of not needing to buy oil and gas, and the annoying process of starting a gas motor.

In parallel, car companies and phone companies are racing to build better, lighter batteries, and other battery-powered products are benefitting from the highly-funded arms race between auto and phone companies.

Some testimonials found on battery powered chainsaws sites:

  • Wonderful product
  • I have had this saw for 6+ Months, in that time I have cut down and then cut up hundreds of trees mostly 10in or less. The runtime is good it’s easy to use and fast charging I got the saw with 2 batteries so if one dies it’s not a issue. I would recommend a battery powered chainsaw to anybody. You can cut stuff larger then 10 in however it uses the battery faster. If you need a saw get a battery powered one. I’d love to demo any new ones of these saws they just work so well.
  • Great saw without the maintenance & problems of gas powered units.

    Bought this saw to prune my live oak trees and it does a real good job. Didn’t want another gas powered tool here in Florida. I was reluctant to get a battery powered unit but it is great and has plenty of power to do my jobs. I have a 40+ year old Homelight chainsaw that is gas powered but it needs work every time I go to use it. The battery powered STIHL is ready to go and may only need battery charging before using which is simple and only takes about an hour. I’m very happy with this saw!

  • What an AWESOME Little Saw

    I love Stihl products but I wanted to try a battery operated saw to carry on my Zero Turn mower. I used to carry a battery operated reciprocating saw, but I figured a Stihl chainsaw would be better. I bought an extra battery, charged them both up and cut down a small ash tree about 6 inches in diameter. I cut it up with no problem. It was no MS 361, but it was a great little saw and it cut a bunch more before the battery finally wore down. I carry it with me a lot because it is so handy. It is not for cutting down big trees, but it sure is great for trimming and cutting up small brush.

  • 7 years later

    This is my second saw from Stihl… my first was stolen and this one was a gift. I was a little skeptical at first because it was smaller than my previous saw. But this thing has been put to the test and 7 years later it cranks up the same as the first day I started it up. I don’t even know what bad reviews this saw got and it doesn’t matter at all. Keep it maintained, keep your gas fresh, and keep your chain sharp and this thing will last you a lifetime.

  • Awesome Saw

    We got this saw at my work because we were looking for something little to cut invasive buckthorn and honeysuckle with. I have been very impressed with this little saw not only can I cut through the brush easily but I can also cut through a larger downed tree if needed. “Obviously it takes longer with a little saw.” I love how light weight it is compared to larger saws. It definitely gets the job done with less kick back then a traditional saws. I am also thinking about purchasing one for my own home. Only reason Im not giving it 5 stars is because it can be a pain to start especially on cold winter days.

    I bought this with the intent on trimming up our treeline then we had a huge storm so ended up using saw to cut several trees blocking driveway. The saw didn’t dissapoint. Then attempted large oaktree as this was only sharp saw we had, and again it didn’t dissapoint tree was almost too much but all worked out. Saw is not made for large trees maybe 8-10 inch max. Saw paid for itself in 1 weekend in my honest opinion.