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Trends: Foil Wing

Trends: Foil Wing

Search interest in foil wings is up 6x over the last 24 months. So we decided to take another look at this exploding topic.

Otherwise known as a “surf wing” or “wing foil”, the equipment consists of a paddleboard with a mounted hydrofoil, plus a separate large wing.

When the pieces are combined, they’re used for the watersport known as “windfoiling”.

This is essentially a hydrofoil version of windsurfing, which will be a new event at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

What’s next:
Foil wings fall under the “new-age sports” meta trend.

Other examples of sports taking off as part of this meta trend include:

Teqball: Ping pong meets soccer on a warped table.

Pickleball: A badminton-tennis-ping pong hybrid.

Padel: Mini-tennis played within glass walls.

Carveboarding: Skateboarding on a wooden board akin to surfing.