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Trends: Hair clay mask

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Trends: Hair clay mask

A hair clay mask is a mud-like coating designed to clean and moisturize hair.

Bentonite (formed from volcanic ash) is the most commonly-used clay in hair masks. And apple cider vinegar is also often added to help remove grime and product build-up.

Demand for hair clay masks is growing (up 272% over 5 years). However, there are still relatively few products on the ground to meet demand. “It’s a 10” mask is one of few products in the space positioned directly at the haircare market. AMZScout estimates their monthly sales on Amazon to be around $4.7K.

According to Allied Market Research, the hair mask market is expected to grow to $886.4M by 2026.

What’s next:
Hair clay masks are part of the alternative beauty meta trend.

A national survey by Allure found that 41% of women aren’t comfortable with their own appearance. And almost a third say they would do something unhealthy if it meant improving their appearance.

Which helps to explain how increasingly unorthodox treatments and products are catching on. For example, Cosrx released a gel containing snail slime.

Microneedling is another beauty treatment quickly growing in popularity. The process involves making a number of small skin pricks, in an attempt to stimulate the production of collagen. Sdara, a leading seller of microneedling kits, generates an estimated $4M a year.

Other alternative beauty topics gaining steam include gua sha, jade rollers, and healing crystals.