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Trends: Hypercharts

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Trends: Hypercharts

Hypercharts is an app that visualizes the financial data of public companies.

The startup was launched by Hyperchange, a financial YouTube channel with 153K subscribers.

Hypercharts has grown to 720 paying customers and $7K MRR over the last 24 months.

What’s next:
Hypercharts is part of the “data visualization software” meta trend.

According to Content Marketing Institute, data visualization has seen the biggest increase in usage of any content type among B2B marketers over the past four years.

Visual Capitalist generates an estimated $3.4M per year from their visual-first content on business and investing.

The Pudding is a media site dedicated to telling stories through data visualization.

Tools for creating data-viz content are also growing quickly. Flourish, for easy interactive chart generation, has raised $1M in total funding.

And Grafana enables data visualization from databases in real-time.