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Trends: M5stack

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Trends: M5stack

M5Stack is a stackable development board that can be programmed for a range of household and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Most other popular microcontroller development boards (like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino) have exposed circuit boards, wires, and components.

M5Stack boards, however, are already built into well-finished enclosures. And these casings include a graphical display, buttons, USB slot, and speaker.

Which means that projects using the board can readily become finished products.

M5stack has raised seed funding from the HAX accelerator for early stage “hard tech” startups.

What’s next:
M5Stack is part of the “DIY IoT” meta trend.

There are an estimated 22 billion internet-connected devices. And that’s expected to grow to 50 billion by 2030 (Statista).

One reason behind this is that IoT device development is becoming more and more accessible to DIY developers.

IoT hardware designed for non-commercial use include Teltonika, MicTrack, and Kerlink.