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Trends: Plasma pen

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Trends: Plasma pen

A plasma pen is a device used to deliver plasma fibroblast therapy — a procedure designed to tighten skin, reduce acne scarring, and lessen fine lines.

Plasma pens direct small amounts of electric current to create “micro-injuries” in the skin. Which triggers increased collagen and elastin productions.

According to a review published in The PMFA Journal, plasma fibroblast therapy can improve the aesthetic appearance of the skin, encourage tissue regeneration, and tighten skin tissue.

The therapy can be performed at spas as well as cosmetic surgery centers. Regulations about who can perform the treatment vary widely by state and country. There are also a growing number of DIY plasma pen kits on Amazon.

What’s next:
The plasma pen is part of the “non-surgical cosmetic procedures” meta trend.

The COVID-19 pandemic actually increased demand for cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgeons have reported up to a 30% increase in procedures compared to the year before.

However, many of these procedures are now being done at home.

Examples of popular at-home cosmetic procedures and products include LED face masks, hydrating sheet masks, microneedling, hair clay masks, and dermaplaning.