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Trends: Sportneer

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Trends: Sportneer

Sportneer is a sport, fitness, and outdoor equipment brand.

The company’s best-known product is their massage gun.

(Globally, searches for “massage gun” are up 3233% in 2 years.)

With five detachable heads and six intensity settings, Sportneer’s gun (along with their main competitor, Theragun) is one of the more premium options in this niche.

AMZScout estimates that one Sportneer massage gun SKU has generated over $226.36K in revenue since August 2019.

What’s next:
Sportneer is part of the “sport meets engineering” meta trend.

The sports equipment market as a whole is worth an estimated $134.9B and forecast to hit $148.2B by 2023.

New, innovatively engineered products are a big part of this growth. Such as FreeTrain, which has devised a vest for holding essentials while exercising. Forbes reports the company generated a turnover of more than $2.7M last year.

Then there’s smart equipment using tech to enhance workouts. Fitness wearables alone are expected to have a sales volume of $17.83B in 2021. Upcoming brands in this area include Yamay, Vigorun, and FitFort.

Other rapidly growing products in the space include Phisockat, JaxJox, and crossrope jump ropes.