3 Ways To Boost Alexa Ranking

Ways To Boost Alexa Ranking

Ways To Boost Alexa Ranking

Alexa is the company that was built almost at the same time when Google was brought out. But they started to work in different direction as compared to Google. Because they were not only a Search Engine, they were Web Information company. Alexa tried hard to get the popularity, importance and respect that it has today and became something very necessary for Webmasters and Bloggers due to their ranking system which was opposite of Google.

What Is Alexa Rank and How is It Calculated ?

Alexa Rank is a way of giving numbers to sites all over the world. The much lower the number is, better is your rank so best rank anyone can possibly achieve would be 1 while in Google it would be 10.

No one can tell the exact ranking algorithm of any search engines but somehow we can predict. Like Alexa rank is calculated , based on how much visitors with Alexa Toolbar installed on their browsers visited your site. The more Visits

you get the better you would be in position. Also the number of sites linking in has a grand impact.

Benefit of Having Good Alexa Rank :

Since Alexa has gained massive importance as compared to 5 years earlier, any advertiser who is willing to put money on your site to enjoy the backlink and traffic exposure benefits will definitely look at Alexa but maybe after Google

Page Rank. If you got amazing rank, he will definitely offer you much more money as compared to lower ranking guys. Now let’s move to 3 Ways To Boost Alexa Ranking.

1. Posting Regularly

When it comes to getting search engine rankings, no matter it is Google, Bing, Yahoo or Alexa, posting regularly is the best and most effective thing anyone can do. However, Alexa is a bit more conscious about regular posting because

they update their ranks almost everyday unlike Google who updates the ranks after nearly 3 months.If there is one new post everyday at same time, Alexa bot will start marking you as good guy and improve your Blog/site’s ranking in

each and every update. So as much as you stick to posting regularly, the more quickly you wills see the improvements in Alexa rankings.

BONUS Benefit : Sticking to a posting routine will  not only improve your rankings but also the loyal readers because they would know exactly when to expect the next post. So they would make sure to visit back making both you and themselves happy.

2. Getting Reviewed

The most affective thing for me was to get to some of my best friends and convince them to give a positive review about my site. For me , there was nothing more affective and quick than getting good reviews because that thing

allowed me to jump at the top of thousands of sites. You can also offer them a review for their site because everyone wants his benefit as well. This thing really helped me to get exactly what I wanted to.

You can also put a Review Us button at your Blog/site with help of Alexa to get the better real opinions. Not only it will increase your rank but you will also get to know what your Audience wants, loves and hates.

3. More Traffic and Backlinks

Another simple method is to get traffic and backlinks (the quality ones). Because Alexa is supposedly determined with the number of Visitors you get with Alexa Toolbar installed on their Browsers and Sites linking into yours.

People who have not installed Alexa Toolbar or those sites which give you no follow backlinnks have nothing to do with your Alexa so better you focus on other two things. 1) Do Follow Backlinks .2) Visitors with Alexa Toolbar Installed.

While showing you Ways To Boost Alexa Ranking , I Hope I gave you what you wanted to know. Now it’s time to hear what you got to say. Don’t hesitate or make an excuse of having no time because it is only going to take a few seconds. If you really loved the content, you are recommended to Subscribe to out newsletter or subscribe to our feed and also check the related and most popular posts.

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