4 Explosive Benefits Of Starting Multiple Blogs

Benefits Of Starting Multiple Blogs

Benefits Of Starting Multiple Blogs

Have you ever thought to create multiple blogs? Do you want to create multiple blogs? But you are not taking any steps because you don’t know if this will be a good idea or not? It will actually be a good idea. This is because there are many benefits of starting multiple blogs.

In order to be successful in anything in this world you need to have a different and unique idea. You have to do things differently in order to be different. If you want to have a major success in blogging, stop using the traditional methods and stop just building up one blog and putting all the hope in there.

Get out of this tradition and think about creating many blogs. Why? This is because creating more than blogs has some huge benefits. Here are the benefits of starting multiple blogs.

1. Easy To Generate Traffic:
Traffic is blood of any blog and without traffic, no blog can survive for few weeks even and in crowded blogosphere of today, where there are so many ways to increase blog traffic, it is not an easy task to attract visitors to your blog. But it can be if you own multiple blogs.

Since, you have many blogs in different niches or even same niche; it is easy to build up traffic. Why? Because you can refer you readers from one blog to other wherever appropriate. You can also add links in footer, header or sidebars and squeeze as much traffic as you can from bigger blogs and give it to the new ones.

You can also send back traffic to already developed blogs in your network and keep everything healthy.

2. More Popularity:
If we look at it closely, blogging is a lot about popularity. Once you and your blog is launched to stardom, or I should say once you become popular as blogger, it becomes a lot easier for you to do things that you have always been struggling to do.

Those things include generating traffic, gaining subscribing, doing tons of sales and getting featured on many blogs. In short, popularity can give you everything you want. And, creating multiple blogs gives you exactly that. It is much easier to get popular with multiple blogs as compared to one single blog and it is fully easy to understand. Isn’t it?

3. More Money:
If someone says blogging is not about money, slap him in the face right away. Blogging is a lot about money as of today. But it should be said that blogging is not all about money. Hence, making some money is one of the most major tasks that bloggers have in mind.

And, it is no-brainer that more blogs mean more money. This is because you can make many times more money if you have multiple blogs as compared to one. All you will need is proper management of time for your blogs and you are on the right track of building up businesses.

4. Your Career Is Safe:
Google has become pretty harsh these days and you cannot only blame the company. There are so many websites as of now that making mistakes and banning the wrong blog is pretty easily possible.

You never know when Google may stop sending you traffic with or without any reason and you can be in hot water within no time.

Another major issue that bloggers face is hacking attempt. Let’s suppose your blog is making a lot of money. You are paying you rental dues, fees of your kids and spending money on your daily needs.

What will happen if your blog gets hacked the next day and there is no way to get back? You career, your dreams, your plans and in short your life will be destroyed.

So best thing that you can do is to never put all of your eggs in one single basket. Create multiple blogs and build them up so if something happens to one of them, you have other ways to go.

There are countless benefits of starting multiple blogs and I just mentioned few of them. What do you think about going all the way to start many blogs? I’d be pleased when I hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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