Blog Traffic Generation Tactics That No One Talks About

Blog Traffic Generation Tactics That No One Talks About

Blog Traffic Generation Tactics That No One Talks About

Every blogger in blogosphere knows that Google is the ultimate traffic source if someone can use it properly. And everyone also knows that Facebook is the best traffic generator among all social media networks. But what are the blog traffic generation tactics that no one talks about ? Have you ever though that something that you think and treat as very ordinary might be the best option out there for you. And traffic generation is such a point of blogging where there are countless ways and you can master many of them. But since everyone is trying to get the traffic using same old ways, you need to be different to stand out of crowd and attract readers towards your blog. Now let’s roll onto the ways of getting traffic that no one talks about mostly , are not used by many bloggers.

1. Youtube
No, I’m not kidding. Youtube can drive flood of traffic for months and months or even years. But the problem is, there are not many people who ever heard about this thing. And the remaining are not interested in working on something that no one uses. I still remember my early days of blogging where Youtube

used to be the all time biggest source of my traffic for my blogs. Don’t bite your nails it’s not hard for you too. Process is quite simple. You capture an awesome video of something, record a review, interview someone or create a tutorial

and upload it. Then put a link in description to your blog discussing the similar topics. Or you can comment on the videos related to your blogging topic and generate a handy amount of traffic.

2. Solo Ads
You might not have even heard this word ever before. Solo Ads work on very simple concept and can bring wonderful results from which the biggest one is real, loyal readers. So you wanna know how this works ? Again simple. You

contact some large blog owners who you believe have giant mailing lists. And make sure they are closely related to your niche. Ask theme to send a mail to their entire mailing list like they usually do, but you get to write the entire mail

instead of them. Of course you would have to pay reasonable amount of bucks but trust me, results would be stunning. You will not only get immediate flood of traffic, but there are high chances that those people are going to subscribe to

your blog as well because they read about you from their trusted guy (to whom they were subscribed).

3. Forums
Forums used to be a simple and basic method for bloggers to generate traffic but now no more. Trend of getting visitors from forums is almost dead because people believe and experience that no one is clicking their links .

Hence they use forums only to get backlinks. That’s it. But here is how you can make people click on your link and make any forum productive for your blog. First, find a forum that is really close to your niche. Then instead of just

publishing your blog links, read what people are asking there. Many kind of problems are posted by people in all kind of forums on daily basis. You just need to pick those that you can answer satisfactorily. And at the end, add a backlink to your blog as signature and see the magic of forums. This will start to work immediately.

I’m sure I got deep into your mind and displayed you what no one else is willing to. These are the Blog Traffic Generation Tactics That No One Talks About and you need to take these sources seriously. Let your voice be heard by many by commenting below. Don’t forget to subscriber to out feeds.

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