Are You Making These Deadliest Blogging Mistakes?

Deadliest Blogging Mistakes

Deadliest Blogging Mistakes

Do you think you are making some deadliest blogging mistakes? Do you want to make sure if those are even mistakes or not? You are at the right place :-).You see, blogging is a business where learning process never ends and every blogger makes mistakes at all stages of his career. Hence, making some mistakes is not something to hide for and be ashamed off. Instead, point it out and try to get rid of that thing because running away from facts will not change the reality. Reality will change only if you do something to change it. So are you ready to have a look at Deadliest blogging mistakes? OK then. Here, we go.

Not thinking about Article Title:
Article title is more than a line. Probably a lot more. It tells the readers what your article is about while telling the same thing to the search engines as well. A well-structured article title is simply a must do thing.

But many bloggers don’t seem to be caring about article title at all. Well, this is a mistake that has no mercy. It will bring you many harms and most importantly no traffic and money.

This is why you should always spend some time trying to figure out the best title possible for your articles. I have already discussed some ways to choose the best post title  and I hope it will help you change yourself and become better.

List Building? Huh!
The catchphrase “Money is in the list” is all over this blogosphere and is a proven truth. Almost every blogger who is successful owns his/her success to list building and bloggers read a lot about it.

But still some decide to just ignore it and keep blogging the way they want. And, there is nothing wrong with that. But unfortunately, list building is one of those things that a blogger cannot ignore no matter what kind of blog he has.

Benefits of list building can go on and on, but this is not the appropriate place to discuss them. Just make sure to keep list building in one of the most important things to do. Now let’s move on to the next thing.

All Eggs in One Basket:
Such a wonderful quote it is. “Never put your all eggs in one basket”. This is because if you put your eggs in one basket, you are limited and bound. For a blogger, this quote has a huge circle.

We should do things to keep our options always opened. Like not buying hosting and domain from same provider. Do not prefer on just one advertiser or one advertisement option.

Keep trying out new options and do what is best for you. Do you do this too? I’m sure you do like I was doing it when I first read about the benefits of keeping things separate.

Wishing and Not Doing:
I wish I could have PR6. I wish I could have 10,000 backlinks. I wish I could earn $1,000 per week. I wish this, I wish that and so on. Many bloggers just do that.

They sit back and imagine the perfect things for them, but they don’t work to make their dreams come true. No work at all but still expectations to get exactly what they want.

How is that possible? It is ridiculous to even think like that. This is one of the deadliest blogging mistakes that can drown your career so try as much as you can to avoid it.

No Promotion at All:
Some bloggers (mostly new) don’t know that they need to promote their blog posts and products in order to get any benefits or even if they know, they think that their work is good enough alone to bring visits.

Unfortunately, this never happens. In this crowded blogosphere where hundreds of new blogs are being added every day, you have to push your limits and promote your content as much as you can before expecting any benefits.

If you don’t promote your content, no one will ever find you and you will simply quit blogging after few days or weeks. So just stay away from becoming a patient of such diseases.

Me and Me Only:
I hate to say this, but I have to because that’s the truth. Many of bloggers in blogosphere are egomaniacs. They pretend like they care about readers and what happens around them, but the truth is, they don’t.

The only thing an egomaniac cares is himself. If you are going the same way, I strongly suggest you to change yourself as soon as possible. That’s because an egomaniac won’t even try to make new friends and business relationships and destroys those who are accidentally connected with him in some way, due to his habits.

In simple words, an egomaniac can never ever be a nice professional blogger. I don’t say that he can’t be a pro blogger, but yeah he will never be a blogger that readers want to meat in real.

Money is everything:
I don’t know who said that “money is not everything but make sure you have enough of it before talking such nonsense” but I can say one thing. Whoever said that was full of crap.

At least from blogging point of view. In this dark world, making money is not hard at all while earning respect of others and making people happy is a tough thing. As a blogger, I never concentrate on making money and instead try to make my readers happy.

Perhaps they realize that and that’s why they give me so much respect and love. These are two things that we blogger should be working hard to get because once we achieve these things money will be flowing towards us automatically.

Final Words:
I hope you understand all these thing and in case you don’t, please kick away all the hesitations and comment below to ask anything and everything you feel you need to know. And, also try your best to stay away from these deadliest blogging mistakes or else you will have nothing except sadness and loss. Happy blogging and that’s the bottom line…..

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