7 Plugins To Decrease Bounce Rate Intensely

Decrease Bounce Rate

Decrease Bounce Rate

Are you sick and tired of people not reading your content and want to decrease bounce rate ? Then you are at the right place. 🙂 This is simply clear that in this competitive online world you have to push your limits. Blogosphere is where there are hundreds and hundreds of blogs are being brought out on daily basis which makes it harder and harder for bloggers to bring traffic to their blogs. A blogger have to work really hard to bring traffic to his blog and then what can be worst than the bounce rate?

He worked so hard to bring people on his blog, but they pushed the exit button and went out as quickly as they arrived. Same happens or has happens to you which is why you are here.

But before we see the list of plugins, keep one thing clear in your mind that you cannot blame your readers for not reading your content. The only person you can put the blame on is you.

That’s because you are the one who determines what a reader does after entering your blog. Bounce rate has many harms out of which the worst one is that it snatches away the happiness and confidence of blogger.

Here are the plugins to dramatically decrease bounce rate and make you happy blogger again.

1. Digg Digg:
Do you want to put every social media button that is out there around your blog posts so no one can have any trouble at all sharing your content? Or in simple words, do you want to put tons of social media buttons at your blog? Then Digg Digg is the best thing for you.

This plugins allows you to show share buttons below posts, below article titles and all around in both vertical and horizontal style. And, also has the ability to add Facebook like button and show faces of those who have already liked. Really an amazing plugin to decrease bounce rate.

2. Nrelate:
If we talk about the best plugins out there to show related content around your blog, Nrelate would have to be there if not the only one. It has an amazing layout to display the highly related posts below your posts or anywhere you want and allows you to make the most of every single visitor you get.

This plugin can be used in many different ways like automatically showing posts, adding code where you want it to appear or using the widget etc.

3. upPrev:
UpPrev works in pretty amazing fashion and increases your page views and helps you decrease bounce rate without hurting your readers at all. As a reader reaches at the end of an article, a small box pops up from either right or left bottom corner (you can change the size of box and select the corner as well) and shows a post related to the post being read by the reader.

If it interests him, he can simply click and continue browsing at your blog in the same way. On the other hand, if that post is not interesting, he can simply ignore or even close the box. Its not annoying at all.

4. Random Posts Widget Configurable:
Do you want to be little bit different than the rest of bloggers and not show the regular popular, related or recent posts etc?

Then what about showing random posts? As the name shows, plugins does its job in the simplest fashion it can and that is by displaying the random posts. It can also prove to be pretty effective to decrease bounce rate.

5. Socialize:
For those of you who continue asking me about the plugins being used by me over and over again, this is the plugin that I am currently using on this blog. You can explore around to have an idea of exactly how this plugin works.

As far as my experience goes with Socialize I can say it is fantastic. It doesn’t make the pages load slow or any other issues and works 100% correctly all the time. I’m loving it and I highly recommend you to get this plugin.

6. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP):
I know there are tons of plugins out there to show related posts, but I can bet that there are not even few that can compete with YARPP. It comes with full control to show the results exactly how you want.

And, the best thing about this plugin is that it has a very high quality strict filter which makes it sure that only the most related posts are shown.

It was one of the first few plugins I ever used but latter dropped it and started going with others. But I miss YARPP time to time which forces me to put it back. Amazing plugin really.

7. WWSGD Plugin:
As soon as I saw this plugin and read the way it works, I had no choice but to try it out at least for once. And, after using for few days only, I was able to see a difference in the results.

It does nothing like all of the above plugins do to increase page views and decrease bounce rate. Instead it works on to increase your feed subscribers. And, there is no doubt that Feed subscriber are never bounce away.

One or two lines of text (you can easily modify) are shown to your first time readers  and they are encouraged to subscribe to your feeds. You can also use the feeds option to take them to any URL you want. That can be a sales page or squeeze page. This is why this plugin was a must add in this list.

Take a deep breath:
Did I missed something or I better say some plugins? What are they? If you think they are worth using and should be added into the list, kindly comment below. And, don’t forget to share it with your close ones. Happy blogging.

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