How To Be A Productive Blogger and Move Towards Success

How To Be A Productive Blogger

How To Be A Productive Blogger

So you are here because you want to know how to be a productive blogger? You are at the right place :) . You see there is absolutely no doubt that blogging doesn’t demand physical strength or work, which is a really good thing. But what we need to realize is that blogging demands amazing amount of mental work and stamina. And, in something like blogging where you need your mind more than physical strength, chances are that you can easily run out of ideas, you can lose concentration, focus and start feeling confused. Once a blogger is confused his career is in danger and he immediately needs to get out of that.

Because such conditions kill your chances of working effectively and quickly. If you are an already established blogger, you still need to stay productive, but much less than beginners.

At the early stages of blogging, there are a lot of dangers surrounding all the times like becoming disappointed and quitting this business. Hence, staying productive is really essential and I’m here to tell you how to be a productive blogger.

Wo wo… Hold on a second. This is not going to be a booring long class lecture and instead, we are going to discuss that like friends do so bear with me. :P

Get Rid of Mental Masturbation:
Oh you go it all wrong. This one got nothing to do with masturbation that some people do for sexual relief :P . By mental masturbation I mean, reading and reading and reading and reading a lot, but not working on anything at all.

That’s what we can call mental masturbation. One thing is clear. Nothing will happen without actually making it happen in blogosphere hence reading articles and considering this the only thing for success is totally disgusting. You need to take actions to be a better, faster and productive blogger.

Follow Writing Schedule:
Nothing can be more effective than having a writing schedule that you follow no matter what happens. If you read the previous line carefully, you have seen that I said writing schedule and not the publishing schedule.

This is because having an accurate writing schedule and then following it keeps you active. You cannot just sit back and do other things while your writing skills are rusting. You just need to write daily and publish it anytime you want. You can publish twice a day or even twice a week. Its totally up to you just like always.

Keep Backup:
I don’t mean you to have a backup of your blog, but you writing. What I’m trying to point out is that you should not always put all of your eggs in one basket.

Yeah yeah there is nothing wrong in delivering more in your post than anyone can expect and such posts have positive impact on readers and search engines too. But you cannot do this with your every single post or you will be out of ideas every other day.

The smart move is to split your thoughts, opinion, information or anything like that into multiple posts and create a series because it will be so easy then to continue working on your posts series without worrying about what to write next.

Limit your Online Activities:
There are many habits you need to cut off in order to be a productive blogger and one of those is limiting your online activities. This is because unlike normal web surfers, a blogger cannot waste his/her time online at any cost.

That’s the most precious thing he has and if anyone doesn’t meet the requirements of time, one should never expect himself to be a successful personality.

Blog first anything later:
Hmmm..Now I have to put a few restrictions on you….No chatting, no mail checking and nothing else. If you want to move on the right track (who doesn’t want) and achieve things in your blogging career earlier than others then it is wise decision to think about your time.

Every time you sit in front of PC, make sure to write blog post first and then move on to do other things. This will increase the quality of your posts because you were totally fresh when you wrote that piece. Hence, eventually resulting into multiple benefits.

Don’t Cheat Yourself, Treat Yourself:
As far as I know this is the saying of some bodybuilder, but we can use it in blogging anyway. Are you always taking yourself over the limits? Working when your body is not ready and your mind is exhausted? Do you sacrifice your sleep for blogging?

Should Bloggers Sacrifice their Sleep for Blogging ?

Then, listen carefully. This is not going to take you anywhere near where you want to be and content that you produce in such condition can be nothing else, but crap. So think of yourself first and treat yourself. How you can do that? Keep reading to know.

Time Off:
The easiest and perhaps the most effective thing that you can do for staying productive is taking time off. This doesn’t mean that you need to disappear for month from blogging.

It can mean one day or even one week won’t be bad. During that time, stay closer to your family. Think about your blog and where you want it to be. The ways that can improve it and new ideas that your readers will love.

Focus on Fitness:
This one works better than anything for me and never lets me down. Bloggers mostly keep sitting at one place for hours and hours which can result in back problems and horribly shaped body.

Hence, Exercising or even bodybuilding is a great way to keep both your mind and body in shape and not run out of ideas. I’m not boasting, but seriously, that’s what led me to have the nicely toned body that I have at this time.

What do you Want?
Another amazing thing that must be added in this list is creating lists of things that you think you should be doing. In simple words, imagine your perfect blogging day and write it on the paper.

You may not reach most of your daily goals by doing this trick, but it is really worth trying. It not only keeps you productive, but makes the vision in your mind clear about what you want to achieve from your blog.

Is it enough? Do you think these methods will help you? Do you use any of these already to be a productive blogger? Let the world know by utilizing the comments section below. You can also subscribe to our feeds to keep receiving more like this directly into your inbox.

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