101+ Ways To Dramatically Increase Blog Traffic Part II

Increase blog traffic

Increase blog traffic

After the successful part I of 101+ ways to increase blog traffic, here I am back with the part II. And, I guarantee you that this part is also filled with that much knowledge and tricks as the part one was. Though, there are less ways mentioned in this part to increase blog traffic as compared to previous part, but there is a reason for it. I was really appreciated the last time for not covering all ways within one single post, but still some readers complained that longer post are hard to read which resulted in a post Where I explained the reasons why I was bringing long posts.

This blog is for you. For the people and my sole purpose is to give you the best possible and make your blogging careers better while taking you towards the right direction and tell you things in entertaining way instead of making you feel bored.

Hence, this part is a bit smaller than the last one, but really worth reading. Here, we go.

21. Bizsugar:
Every time I talk about traffic generation trick or sites to promote your blog posts  Bizsugar has to be mentioned.

This is due to the fact that this is one of the best sites out there for bloggers to get quick, free, high quality, easy to convert traffic in as big amount as a blogger wishes.

Not just that, but blogger who use Bizsugar get to develop amazing, long lasting relationships with new and like minded people since it has easy and smooth features to search for people.

For many people, this may seem to be just another site, but for me, it is one of the top traffic sources and I don’t really enjoy imagining my blogging career without it.

22. Blogenegage:
Everyone loves to read about sites to increase blog traffic, but as soon as they reach at a site that offers the service after charging some money they show nothing else, but a frown immediately and move away.

Of course this doesn’t happen all the times, but it happens very often. Despite the fact that they charge you money for using their services, they are mostly worth using.

And, Blogegage is one of those sites I highly recommend. It might not give you tons of traffic, but the visitors you get from there are always priceless.

In my case, the average visitor coming from Blogengage views 7.36 pages per visit. Amazing right? It is.

23. Traffic Contests:
One of the most unusual and perhaps the most underestimated traffic generation tactic is arranging traffic contests. But before you plan to do anything like that, just make it sure that the prize for winner is ready.

Allow people to enter and decide a time for which the contest participants have to send you traffic. That can be one week or month or anything you like. The person who sends you most of the traffic is the winner of course.

The prize that you want to give to the winner can be anything from money, t-shirt, cap, phone, backlink or ad space at your blog for sometime.

And, also make sure to tell everyone about the prize before the contest starts.

24. Giveaways:
Who doesn’t like free things? Everyone loves to participate in giveaways to have an opportunity to get their hands on the prize. But how can giveaways increase blog traffic? Here is how.

Every time we see something amazing, too much entertaining or of course a premium thing being given in free, we not only participate, but hurry up and try to tell as many friends as we can.

All those friends participate and they invite their friends and process keeps going on and on and on resulting in huge amount of traffic for blogger. If not like that, you can force your readers to share in the politest way possible.

Example: Like, share and tweet about this giveaway daily to increase your chances to win. I hope you get the point.

25. Interview Someone:
By someone I don’t mean just anyone. I mean the ones who are at high-level in your niche. Those who have passed the tough times and are now successful because they worked as hard as they could and never quit.

This is Because interviewing such people will not only be an inspiration for you and your readers, but it will bring you some traffic as well. This is because there are high chances that the blogger who has been interviewed would want to share that posts and may even link to it too.

The other reason why interviews can bring you traffic is because everyone is interested in reading the success stories and interviews about the people who successfully made a name for themselves.

This results in more traffic particularly from Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.

26. Blog Carnivals:
Basically blog carnivals are the places where bloggers submit their content and are listed if their work is worth using. Blog carnivals received submission from all bloggers and have a lot of different categories.

Hence, you can easily find the one that is perfect for your blog and start submitting your content to get listed there. This will not only bring you loads of traffic, but increase your backlinks too because of the following reasons.

  •  Most of Blog carnivals allow do-follow backlinks.
  • There is no doubt that almost 80-95% of readers of blog carnivals are bloggers themselves who are looking for inspiration, help and guidance etc. If they land on your blog, you not only get the chance to make money from them and turn them into loyal readers, but if you successfully impress them, they will link to you as well.

Anything left that you would want to clear about blog carnivals? Comment below to ask anything.

27. Inbound:
Inbound is one of those sites which became popular in pretty short amount of time and became a great source of traffic for serious bloggers.

Amazing thing about this site is that you don’t have to fill out any forms in order to be a member. All you need to have is one twitter account. Go there and sign in using that account. Read their policies.

Yes, you heard it right. They are pretty strict when it comes to the rules so just make sure you don’t break any. After you are finished reading, submit your blog posts, connect with other people and enjoy the traffic.

28. Pinterest:
For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest is now world’s third largest Social Media network after Facebook and Twitter. And, I just had to mention Pinterest.

This is because sometimes it makes my blog explode with traffic and I start wondering what resulted in such amazing traffic. But you know what that thing is nothing.

I only submit my posts there and they automatically pick up the fire from time to time resulting in huge number of people landing at my blog and within no time actually.

29. Award Readers:
You might be thinking about the trophies or sending them fat checks, but that’s not what I meant to say. By awarding I don’t mean physically or financially, but award them in blogging style.

That’s right. Put a Top commentators widget at your blog so those who spoke of their mind more than anyone else get to show up in front of world. It really works good since reader get to enjoy some traffic and respect as well and you get to show the world how active your blog is. Its win-win for you in both conditions.

30. Write Humorous Posts:
Everyone is writing the same regular, robotic style posts which can lead your readers sometime feeling unpleasant. Hence, to keep things fresh, try writing a post in humorous style and see the magic happening. Humorous tone gives you following benefits.

  • Brings a fresh air in your blog and grabs the attention of all kinds of readers.
  • You get to know how well you can do while writing in other style and your reader get to see how good humor sense do you have.
  • Funny and humorous posts get viral at Social Media more often as compared to the serious style posts.

Do you have the guts to increase blog traffic by changing your writing tone? I know you have. So just experiment this thing.

If you landed directly at this post, you can see the part 1 here. I was really happy when I realized how friendly people were and they were telling me amazing new ways just because I showed them something they never imagined.

I hope to do same and I guarantee you that the upcoming part of ways to increase blog traffic are going to be a lot better and entertaining.

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