101+ Ways To Dramatically Increase Blog Traffic Part III

Increase Blog Traffic

Increase Blog Traffic

First and foremost, you can see the Part I and Part II . You may read this post first or read these two parts first because it won’t affect the benefits that you’re going to get after you’re done reading. When I first had the idea to do this long series of ways to increase blog traffic, I had no clue how effective and enjoyable it was going to be both for me and my readers. And, now I proudly present to you the 101+ ways to increase blog traffic Part III. Just like I promised the last time, the ways this time are even more interesting.

31. Email Signature:
This may seem to be old school, but trust me when I tell you; it really works in amazing fashion. Particularly with those who see your mail for very firs time. Such people usually ask you about what you do or what is your blog URL?

Hence, having an email signature is the perfect solution for it. Email signature will not only save your time, but increase your blog traffic in handy fashion at the same time.

Email signature can include link to your blog’s home page, squeeze page, sneeze page or even about page. You can show the people whatever you want and have a chance to impress them in the first look.

32. List Posts:
No one and I mean no one can neglect this reality. People (including me) just love list posts and you cannot blame them for that because there are several reasons why they are, this way.

The most important one is that list posts are extremely easy to follow and digest. But how can list posts increase your blog traffic? Interesting question. Whenever we search for some help to get out of some problem like “how to put Adsense in middle of posts”.

It’s quite obvious that there are going to be a plenty of results, but there are chances that we are going to pick the one with some number with it like “7 steps to put Adsense in middle of posts”.

Hence, it is proved that numbers attract people and result in better traffic and page views both from search engines and social media.

33. Understand the Difference between Search Engines and Humans:
This is something we cannot ignore at all. This is because we do not blog for search engines. We blog for the people, for those who need help, for those who want guidance and so on.

If you blog for search engines and not the people and you are happy that way, I suggest you that you leave this post right now because I’m too much into making people happy instead of making search engines happy which is why I try to make all of my readers caring for human beings more and less for search engine bots.

Once you start treating your readers like your friends, search engines will also realize it and that may weird to some, but trust me, that’s exactly what search engines like Goggle want us to do.

34. StumbleUpon:
Though, there are some advantage and disadvantages of StumbleUpon traffic, but once you realize what’s better for you and what is StumbleUpon’s community reaction to your blog, the game is on.

StumbleUpon can be named as one of the most powerful and effective traffic generation website in this world if you are looking for floods of traffic within no time for weeks and weeks. Hence, SU can be very productive for you and is an easy way to increase blog traffic.

35. Posts Series:
Writing a long series of posts is also more than amazing for driving blog traffic. You can cover any kind of list (take this post as an example) and start having fun.

The reason why series posts give you traffic is because anyone who reads one part and realizes that other one is about to come out very soon, he makes it sure that the link is saved. For saving link, he may share your post on social platforms or simply bookmark the page.

But in both conditions, he will be back and can boost your blog traffic by telling other people about what he loves at your blog.

36. Free For Everyone:
I mentioned Giveaways in last part of this series, but free for everyone is a bit different. Unlike giveaways, you don’t ask people to participate and then few are announced to be the winners.

Instead, you give a product for free to everyone. That product can be an e-Book, software, Plugin or anything else. You have to give it for free to everyone who visits your blog.

This results in a lot of shares and backlinks which ultimately results in handy amount of visits. But for making most of these visits, you may put small conditions like subscribe to our newsletter and get a copy of e-Book in your inbox etc.

37. Call To Action:
Every time I read an amazing article somewhere and reach at the bottom where there is just a simple line like “Thanks for reading” etc, I scream with anger at that blogger.

This is because I believe there is no benefit at all of writing an extensive blog post if you are leaving the reader with no direction at the end. Instead, we should tell them what to do next.

In the bottom of the post, we can encourage them to share our content, subscribe to newsletter, read more posts or simply comment below. The more we interact the more we increase the chances of getting more traffic because our reader would spread the word about us if we successfully impress him. I think you got the point right? Good. :-)

38. Make Your Post Easy to Share:

I won’t lie here that I did not know the importance f this thing a few weeks ago. I used to believe that anyone who really wants to share your content will share it no matter sharing is easy or not. It looks true right? Actually it’s wrong.

No one is going to give you traffic by putting themselves in trouble and that’s exactly why I had no Social media shares some time ago.

As soon as I realized it, I made it hell lot easier to share my content and started to see the difference a few hours latter and I’m enjoying free traffic from social media because my reader don’t have to get in trouble to share my content. Just one click and post is shared. You can experiment by clicking on the buttons at bottom of the post. :-)

39. Make Your 404 Page Unusual:
A usual 404 page tells the readers that the content they were looking for is no more and blogger is sorry about that. But what is an unusual 404 page? Do you want to see? Are you ready? I know you are ready so here it is.

http://toughestblogger.com/this-is-nothing-but-an-experiment-of-404-page .

See there are popular posts, author names and lot to choose from and continue reading. Try to make your page like this as well and see the magic.

40. Be the First:
This strongly applies to news bloggers; however it is useful for everyone else too. Every time you see news related to your niche, try to be the very first one to check out and then publish it at your blog.

This will put you in high ranks in search engines and your blog will be filled with traffic after few hours and traffic will continue to increase more and more as the topic gets hotter and hotter resulting in something that every blogger wants and needs. What is that? Increase in blog traffic. :-)

What’s next?
I hope this post was helpful for you and I successfully showed you some of the most amazing ways to increase blog traffic. Now what do you plan to do next? Will you be waiting for the next post? Or if you have any question about anything, make sure to comment below right now and get your problems fixed and that’s the bottom line.

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