101+ Ways To Dramatically Increase Blog Traffic Part I

Increase Blog Traffic

Increase Blog Traffic

It doesn’t matter what someone may think about blogging and how easy it may look to someone, but it’s never easy to increase blog traffic, which is the most essential thing for a blog. Imagine of a blog without zero to little traffic. Such blogs have no life. They might be alive by content point of view, but they are actually dead and if you are same, time to get changed has come. If you blog because you love the fact that people read your thoughts, then even five people per day would be satisfying, but what if you want to make money or take your business to the next level? I know why you are here 🙂 .

Its probably crystal clear to me that you are here to know things because you want to increase blog traffic and I won’t talk much about other things. So without further I do, come with me and explore the ways to make your blog start lively again.

1. SEO:
No offense here. The biggest and most effective thing to have traffic to your blog is search engine, despite the fact what I or someone else may say. You simply cannot neglect their importance and effectiveness.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that search engines give you is that you don’t have to constantly share or work on something to continue receiving traffic. Once you make it to the first page for some keyword, you can relax from that point of view and work on other things.

Hence, learning SEO properly (if you haven’t already) and then experimenting what works for you is the best thing to have tons of traffic flowing towards your blog.

2. Youtube:
I always love to explore unusual ways to get traffic to my blog because they work quickly than others and stay beneficial for quite sometime. One of those ways is Youtube.

There doesn’t seem to be much talk about attracting visitors to your blog using Youtube and its benefits. But I guarantee you that if you work the right way and do things as they should be, you will have a decent amount of visitors coming to your blog from Youtube and not just the regular ones, but new ones too.

3. Simply Just Pay:
No arguments and objections. The easiest way to increase blog traffic is by simply paying some person, company, etc. Then sit back and see the things happening.

But before you actually do it, beware of the harms that this trick can bring to you. Like not having real visitors and getting banned by Google Adsense.

But if you find some trust worthy person who gives real visitors and not just bots, then you may love to get people on your blog by spending money.

4. Amazingly High Quality Content:
In blogosphere, you have to give other what they want in order to get what you want. So when you want traffic and benefits, give your readers the best quality content and your desired things will automatically come to you.

If we start counting the benefits that high quality content gives, then we may run out of time. The days when “Content is King” used to be the best formula are no more. Still content has prime importance and key for most of the things that a blogger wants.

5. Direct Advertisement:
Every blogger have some favorite blog or those that he really admires due to the readership or ranking they might have. Well, what better than getting traffic from such blogs?

Simply go to the site and explore around. If owner sells Ads space, then there should be something that we call “form” and instructions should be there as well. Use them and pay them using some of their supported methods.

You will be enjoying the traffic immediately as your ad goes live. How much traffic you get depends upon the traffic that blog where you advertised have.

6. AdWords:
If you don’t want to get into all this dealing or you might be afraid that blogger may run away with money than Google AdWords is the best option for you.

You can display your ads on your desired websites just by doing some click and pay Google, which is without any doubt the most trustworthy company in this world.

7. Facebook Ads:
Unlike direct advertisement and Google AdWords, Facebook ads may not send you direct traffic, but they work in even handy fashion and can result in traffic forever. Simply create a page and go in advertising options.

There you realize how wonderful Facebook is because you cannot only choose countries and territories from where you would like to have fans, but you can target their interests as well.

The more fans you get for your page, the more traffic will be in hand and the more traffic is in your hand means more money in your pocket.

8. Solo Ads:
Another underestimated technique to increase blog traffic is Solo Newsletter Ads. This gives you three huge benefits.

  • You get a lot of traffic of course and comments too.
  • Those visitors covert really well both in subscription and money.
  • More traffic means more popularity and enjoyment (if you are true blogger).

All that you will need to do is to contact someone with a huge mailing list and request them to send an email to their list that would be written by you. From subject to the bottom. You get to write everything. Pay them and the game is on.

9. Get Reviewed:
Reviews have become trend. And, more and more bloggers are realizing its importance and effectiveness. Of course this costs you some money, but it is really worth it.

Sure this gives you a lot of benefits, but in order to get the maximum out of it, make sure to choose the right blog. By right blog I mean a blog that not only have a good traffic, but a nice reader ship and presence along with decent ranking as well.

10. Commenting:
I have a lot of experience in commenting and I can tell you how wonderful it really is. Every blogger who has spent some time online knows the truth. The truth is that commenting have more benefits that we think.

It may sound that it would be hard to drive traffic by comments, but trust me it is not. It is really simple to increase blog traffic using commenting and improve your ranking at the same time as well.

All that you have to do is to follow some simple rules and principles for effective blog commenting campaigns and start your work.

11. Guest Posts:
Just like commenting, Guest Blogging is not that hard as many of us think it is. You can say that Guest posting is Google and other search engine’s favorite method for building backlinks and they love when you do what they want you to do.

Guest posts not only give you good amount of traffic and increase in ranking, but they also add in your credibility and boost your position as an expert about a specific topic.

It seems hard to start guest posting because no one wants his hard work getting published on other sites, but that’s what blogosphere has become and you better follow the trends.

12. Facebook:
Facebook is arguably the best Social platform out there for promoting all kinds of products and blogs. Since Facebook allows multiple ways to share your links and promote your blog posts, you should not behave like many other bloggers who say they hate Facebook/ And, instead use this network.

Facebook is must for bloggers. This is because it is way to simple to attract people from Facebook to your blog posts and products. You can send links to your friends using Messages or update your status. It’s all up to you.

13. Facebook Pages:
Facebook understand the needs of all kinds of people, which is why they allow you to create Fan pages. Having a fan page not only displays your online presence, follow ship and readership, but it is a great way to bring traffic to your blog.

14. Forums:
Forums are like magnets. Traffic magnets actually if you use them the way they are made for. There are almost all kinds of forums out there around the Internet and you should not have any trouble in finding the one that is very close to your niche.

Then go out there and help out the people in trouble. Don’t just leave your link everywhere you comment or start a thread, but do it wherever appropriate and relative. This would result in handy amount of traffic.

15. Controversial Topics:
We all know that all human beings have different faces, physiques, talking style, walking style and of course the way to think about things and world. This makes the world very beautiful, interesting and entertaining.

Having different thoughts is what gives many benefits to the bloggers too. There are some things that every person can agree like Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook. There is no objection with that what so ever on this right?

But what if you start comparing Facebook with Google Plus or Pinterest? Then, there would be different opinions, despite the facts of their actual rankings and the traffic they receive.

Because anyone who really loves something thinks of that thing as the best possible and that’s where controversies step in.

By covering controversial topics, you not only show the world that you have the guts to say the truth, but people who love or hate your words ultimately end up sharing your content and talking about you while giving you amazing benefits.

16. Offline Advertising:
The world is so big so huge and there are always multiple ways for doing everything. For making your blog even more popular, you can use Offline advertising methods.

Offline advertising would include TV and Newspapers ads etc. But make sure to make those ads very entertaining and interesting so people really tend to see your blog/website. I say it way too often that do whatever you want, but keep the uniqueness in it because that’s the key to success.

17. URL on Business Card:
Business cards are great way to spread your contacts around and make new relationship. Such cards help people when they need you and they can immediately call or mail you to get your services.

But before anyone would want to hire you, he would definitely like to see the work you have already done. Then, what can be better than showing you blog’s URL on Business cards? This will not only bring more customers to you, but more readers as well.

18. Blog Directories:
Blog directories are the place where people submit their blogs and they get listed in certain categories for people to find out the desired blogs easily.

Since people use blog directories to find the blogs of their interest, it is really worth it to get listed in there. Because anyone who is using blog directory to find blogs is much more than serious about the topic.

19. List Building:
List building is perhaps the most impressive thing that I have seen in blogosphere.

Nothing in the world can compare the traffic that you get from your mailing lists because those are the people who are starving to hear from you and follow your words.

They are not casual visitors who visit your blog from Search Engines while searching a topic. They are your true lovers who want to listen from you no matter what you say.

Hence, list building to increase blog traffic should a high priority task for building up a successful business.

20. Twitter:
To be honest with you, my Twitter use was a total fail for more than six months before I became serious about it and realized its benefits. It’s a little harder to attract Twitter users as compared to Facebook, but it is really worth trying.

Because Twitter has really huge potential in its community and its features are also amazing for blogger like display of trending worldwide topics.

Do you have any idea how many traffic can you get if you trend on for few minutes? Perhaps many times more than you can even imagine.

I kept this post to 20 points only because it becomes a bit boring to read longer than this.So is it the end of ways to increase blog traffic? Hell No. It is just a sign of things to come right here on TB. I’m splitting the ways in parts. Keep coming back to see the remaining parts as they are soon to be brought to you.

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