6 Reasons Why Your Blog Has No Comments

Reasons Why Your Blog Has No Comments

Reasons Why Your Blog Has No Comments

So you want to know how to get more comments on your blog? :-) Or you want to know the reasons why your blog has no comments?  In both cases, this article will help you.  :-) Content is the most basic thing of a blog and comments are the life of content. Comments show the world what kind of audience you have and what they have to say about your work.

Not just that, but comments can sometimes give you unbelievable ideas both for new blog posts and projects, it also keeps you active and encourages you to just keep going and going without thinking about anything else, but your readers and future of your blog.

Since, blog comments are very important for a blog and blogger, we should try to get as much as we can, but what if your blog gets no comments? Don’t scream and go mad on anything and instead try to figure out the reason that might be stopping your readers from showing what they think.

I’m listing out 6 reasons why your blog has no comments because I think these are the most basic things that result in less to no comments at all.

1. New Blog:
New blogs definitely have very little audience and less to no traffic. Not just that, but there is not enough content as well and readers are not mostly interested in commenting on posts when they see that blogs is very new.

Not seeing any comments on posts also discourages many people from commenting which keeps many bloggers sad. But all you need to do is to wait a little bit and things would be fine with time.

2. Less Interactive Niches:
Sometimes a blogger just has to admit one thing. He will never get comments until he is a really big thing. There are some niches where comments are not as often as compared to some other niches. Like Tech niche.

The readers of tech niches never leave comments on average. Only a few are interested in telling what they feel hence, if you own a Tech blog, you need to stop worrying about comments because nothing is wrong at your end.

3. No Traffic:
The more people visit your blog, the more chances of getting high number of comments are present. In case you don’t have traffic or in simple words no one is reading your content, how do you expect any comments then?

In order to see a lot of comments at your blog posts, you need to build up your traffic first and think about things like this latter. This is because good amount of traffic is a solution of many problems and fewer number of comments is one of those problems.

4. Not Calling To Action:
There is no way in the world that you can get whatever you want without even asking for it. In blogging world, you need to ask for everything. Ask for readers to subscribe, to buy your products, to promote your posts and of course to comment at your articles and let you know what they think about your work.

As the article reaches at the end, you have to add a call to action which will not only get you many things you wish, but also give your readers something to do after they are done reading.

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5. Lengthy Posts:
Most of the people comment because they want to add something into the article or because they need to ask something that was not covered in the post.

In case of longer blog posts, you try your best to cover each and every single thing you possibly can, which leaves your readers with nothing to add and nothing to ask. This can be one of the good reasons why your blog has no comments.

6. Complications In Commenting:
Since, spammers are in plenty now and the number is increasing day by day with rapid speed, some blogger put captcha entry on their comments section and every commentator has to solve a words problem to be able to get his comment published.

Automatic software cannot solve such problems and blogger successfully defends his blog against spammers. But while doing that, he hurts his loyal real visitors. Solving that challenge is sometimes a problem for human beings as well and after trying few times and failing, readers just leave silently.

What About You…….????
Do you have a lot of comments on your blog? Or you are still trying to figure out how to get many? Do you know the reasons why your blog has no comments after you have read this post? Kindly do let me know using the comments section below. And, in case you want to add anything, you are welcome.

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