9 Tips For Highly Affective Blog Commenting Campaigns

Tips For Highly Affective Blog Commenting Campaigns

Tips For Highly Affective Blog Commenting Campaigns

Commenting on other blogs is one of the most affective ways to build backlinks to your blog and bring little traffic at the same time if you know what you’re doing. That’s the reason you can see “commenting” as an option on almost all posts around this web for increasing Page Rank. Every expert blogger suggests to comment on popular blogs because they know the importance of commenting. But in order to get the maximum benefits out of your each and every single comments, you need to understand few things and then practice to perfect this art. I have created a list of tips for highly affective blog commenting campaigns. Let’s move down to it.

1. Know the Page Rank and Alexa :
While on your road to build backlinks by comments, there is no way not to know the Page Rank and Alexa ranking of that blog. I recommend you to choose high ranked blogs both in Alexa and Google.

Because it will not only help you gain better ranking quickly, it will be highly beneficial for you from many other point of views. Backlinks from such blogs are considered high quality hence, you can lower down the chances of being thrown down the ladder of Page Rank near to zero.

2. Traffic Matters :
Since, you want to get the maximum benefits out of your efforts, you need to analyze the traffic. Alexa ranking is a good indicator of traffic and for more proof, you should be able to find traffic details at Advertise or Guest Posting page of any given blog.

By commenting on a rich traffic blog, you have chances of driving some traffic to your blog. And how you can boost these chances is also going to unfold below.

3. Comment Luv The True Love :
Absolutely. For a blogger who is commenting for the sake of backlinks, Comment Luv is the true love. Comment Luv gives you two backlinks for every comment that you do.

It is very easy to place your links with comments without being counted as a spammer. And there are more chances of getting other readers to click on your links with comments if you did something special with it.

4. Be the First One :
Want to drive traffic to your blog along with backlinks ? That’s the trick. Try to be in first 5 commentators on as many posts as possible because that is the section that every commentator usually looks at before typing his own comment.

Because everyone wants to know what others think and how he is like or different from others. Hence, being in first commentators area is the best and easiest thing to make your comment a traffic generator.

5. Make the Difference :
Being different and unique mentally and physically is beneficial in this world without any doubts. And probably same in blogging. Hence, Don’t just say “Thank you” or “Nice Post” or something very traditional.

Try to engage others in conversation. Most of all, try to engage the post author in conversation so he can realize that you and your blog exists. And you’re different than others because that’s what most of bloggers ignore while commenting on other blogs.

6. Cement Your Approval :
Say something that interests the post author. Make him laugh or think about something from totally different point of view. While having the number 4 and 5 is fair enough to be approved, you should try to add extra unique element into it whenever and wherever possible. So none of your efforts can go waste.

7. Keep Going Back and Back :
Don’t just comment and disappear for ever like you never existed. Comment more and more and more. It will not require you to work as hard as on Guest Post but it can equal the benefits.

More than that, make the blog owner and contributors feel your existence and presence. And at the end of the day, all will be beneficial for you and your blog.

8. Gravatar :
You are a human right? and you have a face too right?. And I know I said both these things right. When you have a unique personality and face, different than everyone else, then why hide and not show it to the world.

Why will you let someone place a monster or a mystery man next to your name? And if you are kind enough to allow someone to do it, he might not still be interested in showing your words to the world. Just because there is no face.

So better create your Gravatar if you have not already and do it before you start thinking of commenting.

9. Do it Yourself :
Don’t hire companies to build comment backlinks for you. As a matter of fact, don’t hire anyone to do so.This is something that you should always try to do by yourself.

Because there is no one else on this planet who cares about your blog more than you. Hence, you are the perfect person to decide the blogs to comment at and what to say.

Have you ever commented on blogs for backlinks? How was experience ? If not, then are you planning to do so? Was this article helpful? Comment below to show your thoughts to the world. You may consider subscribing to our feeds for getting awesome feeding at the right time.

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