6 Reasons Why Facebook is a must for Bloggers

Why Facebook is a must for Bloggers

Why Facebook is a must for Bloggers

Blogging is becoming popular day by day just like Facebook. But Blogging is also becoming harder day by day as well because there are thousands of new blogs every day and hundreds of new bloggers. I hate to admit it but there is no other way that bloggers have to use Facebook. Facebook is a must for bloggers. Yeah! Yeah! I also know people who are popular without even having a Facebook account. But the point that I’m trying to express to you is, it is very hard to do what you want to do when there is so much competition . You have to make use of each and every single opportunity that you get and one of those things is Facebook. The world’s largest social platform has dozens of benefits for bloggers and the most important ones are going to be discussed below.

1. Traffic
There is no existence of a human body without blood just like a blog is nothing without traffic. Traffic is like blood, oxygen or whatever you can say for any kind of blogs. And in order to have traffic, you can not miss any opportunity and learn as many tactics as you can to bring more and more visitors.

That’s where you need to consider Facebook as something more than just entertainment and connecting with friends. Facebook has been my biggest traffic source many times .

Sometimes, I felt like readers from Facebook were more targeted, beneficial and easy to convert into subscribers as compared to those coming from search engines and other sources.

2. Get Help
Blogging is something where learning process will never ever end even if you become the world’s number one blogger. Bloggers need help at all stages of their careers though the amount of times they are looking for help gradually decreases.

Facebook has something wonderful for bloggers in this case. Particularly newbies. And that is Facebook groups. There are almost all kinds of groups available there on Facebook and it should be quite easy for you to find one that can meet your needs.

But since you are blogger, I can tell you that there are hundreds of groups of bloggers. They are doing many kind of things like solving problems, discussing things and sharing their best work with each other.

You can go in there and ask anything you need to know or help out others and increase your respect in the eyes of others. This will benefit you in longer run.

3. More Guest Post
When I started my first ever blog, I did not knew much about blogging just like all the new bloggers. I had many things to strike my head to and I did not wanted to waste my time to find people and request them to write guest posts for me.

No, that was actually never gonna work they way it should. At that time, Facebook groups were the best thing for me on entire social platform. Because I would simply go out there and tell people about my site , page rank and article requirements. I always got few within 2-3 days.

4. Relationships
Public relations matter a lot in blogging world in all of parts. Like you will get more traffic, social media promotion, advertiser and free backlinks just because you have people around you who you respect and they respect you the same way.

This always works and proves to be very beneficial. And trust me when I tell you, these relationships helped me so much that I got programmers and designers to work for me for nothing.

Just because they wanted to help me and I still and will always remembers those guys. And you know what, I met all those guys because of Facebook.

5. Credibility
Facebook increases your credibility and presence . People talk about you for many reasons and when they talk about you , they try to find and connect with you and when they connect with you , it increases your credibility because those guys actually respect you and respect is all what you need in this world to live a perfect and pleasureful life.

Once you get enough people to believe upon your words at Facebook, you are unstoppable.

6. Community
Another amazing feature of Facebook is Fan Page. You can build up your own community by creating a page of your website or blog and then use it not only to drive traffic to your blog but to convert that traffic and get the maximum benefits from that.

Having fan page also adds to your credibility and makes people believe and respect your words and admire your work easily.

Now it’s your turn……
You read the whole post to learn why Facebook is must for bloggers and I can guess that you found what you were looking for …Now what you are gonna do ? Are you simply going to move away just like many other people do and become a forgettable reader who doesn’t even exists or comment here and make it something that will be here till the end of the days ?

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