We don’t put too many requirements for Guest Blogging here and getting your post published. Because we respect your interest and hard work. Here is a simple method that you need to learn for getting your Guest Post published at Toughest Blogger. The process is just too easy.

Must Read :

  • Of course the post should not be published anywhere and not copied from anywhere too.
  • Minimum number of words that we demand is 700.
  • Write anything and everything in boundaries of Blogging and Social media.
  • Every Post will be published after it is reviewed.
  • We allow two author Bio links for every guest blogger.
  • Make sure to add at least one image with every article.
  • You cannot add affiliate links.
  • Anyone caught trying to get exposure by Guest posting here using copied articles will be banned forever and all of his Author Bio links will be removed.
  • Any guest blogger who doesn’t responses to the comments within 2 weeks, will get his bio links removed as well.

If you think your article meets all these requirements make sure to submit. Here is how.

How to Submit:
Register for an account .Fill out your emails address, Google+ and Twitter etc.

  1. Sign Up for Gravatar if you have not already and upload your picture there.
  2. Write a short and descriptive author bio and include two links in it using HTML.
  3. After that, Contact Us and tell us your user name.
  4. We will have a look at your account and grant you the rights to add your posts if you have done everything properly. Its just that simple.