14 Unusual Ways to Get New Blog Post Ideas

new blog post ideas

You cannot blog on any topic forever without stopping and in order to get new blog post ideas, you have to take steps. There are so many ways to kick out of Blogger’s Block and get back to regular blogging schedule, but even those tricks don’t work sometimes.

In such condition, you need to invent your own tricks most of the time. Well, to be honest with you, I have invented a lot of tricks and whenever I’m stuck and have no ideas for future, I just open my list of options and some way somehow helps me get out of blogger’s block and continue my happy blogging.

Being a blogger is not hard, but being a happy blogger whose blogging career is going exactly the way he wants takes a lot guts. Now let’s move down to the list and see how you can bring new blog post ideas from around you with so much ease.

1. Drive from Popular Posts:

This trick cannot only help you get new post ideas for your blog, but also increase your chances of creating blog posts that actually go hot. Your popular posts are without any doubts are the topics that people have loved or at least they were interested in checking them out.

So all you have to do is open that post and analyze it. Ask yourself a few questions like what was your title for that post and what was keyword used there? You can easily extend a post into multiple new posts with little bit of concentration.

If you look at that article’s writing tone, you can cement your new post as the next most popular post at your blog.

2. Brain Storming:

You can call it the basic thing of any blogger in any niche with a blog at any stage. Everyone not only does brain storming but they have to because this the best way in the world to get new title and ideas for your blog posts.

It makes your mind think wider and bring the best. There are a lot of ways to do brain storming like using a pen and empty paper or using software. And, this works best for those who have very new blogs because they don’t have popular posts and certainly they don’t have most of things mentioned below.

Hence, it is best for newbie bloggers to start their journey of success.

3. Analyze Comments:

A true comment has a lot to tell you. You get to see your reader’s response and at the same time, you may hint what he should be given next. Comments make you realize the needs of your readers which automatically results in blog post ideas popping up from all around of your mind.

When I’m in such condition, mostly I begin to struggle to choose which idea should be covered first. In simple words, you can go from head scratching, upset, discouraged and sad blogger to happy, energetic and lively blogger in matter of moments. All you need is to keep the creative part of your mind active.

4. See Comments on Other Blogs:

Never compare your earnings with any blogger and as matter of fact, never compare your blog with any other blog even in your own niche. This Because it will most likely hurt you.

The only thing that you should be comparing with other blogs is community. And, not the size of community, but how active and interactive it is. By looking at comments sections of other blogs, you get to know what readers of that blog think. As a result, you will get plenty of new ideas to work upon.

Increase the number of blogs that you analyze and amount of new ideas in your mind or paper will gradually increase.

5. Subscribe to high ranking blogs in your niche:

It is common nowadays that school teachers and college professors run their own academies to help students get even better ranks or at least that’s what they say.

A teacher gives a lecture in classroom and then the very same teacher tells you about the same subject at his academy. What’s the difference? Difference lies in technique and interest. Teachers give most priority to the students in academy as compared to those in his class.

I think you are getting my point, but let me make it clearer. What a blogger delivers at blog and to his loyal subscribers list has a difference. Hence, being a subscriber to high authority blogs is really worth it.

6. Analyze the Universe:

This world, this universe is such a wonderful place. There is plenty of food, clothes, enjoyment, money and women. And, for those who have creative minds and open eyes, this world is full of ideas.

You can take anything as inspiration and make a blog post at it and let me tell you, when you are done writing such post you will not even believe its quality.

It would be full of information and reality and emotions shine through words and get straight into the heart of your readers. That’s what we call a passionately written blog post.

7. Solve your Own Problems:

Do you blog about Social Media? What are your problems with Facebook and Twitter? Or if you blog about fashion, what are your problems for finding the best design for you? Just solve your own problems related to your blog’s niche and you will be helping a lot of people.

But, at the same time, you will be publishing your blog regularly and staying far away from burning in blogger’s block.

8. Posts Series:

Are you afraid of running out of ideas for your blog at any time? Creating posts series is the best option for you. Once you publish the first ever post in a series, you have the ability to make it as long and informative as you want without daily raping your mind to give you new ideas.

Not only that, it keeps your readers engaged if you set a specific amount of time between publishing next post of series. Doing one every week works well than everything.

9. What’s Hot?

This really makes sense. If you give people what everyone is talking about, they are certainly going to love it, which is a plus point.

By looking at the trending topics using Twitter, Yahoo, etc. you not only make yourself aware of what’s going on in the world, but you make readers happy and at the same time, it is an unlimited source of getting new ideas.

Now what excuse do you have for not using this trick?

10. Stumbling:

I cannot complete this list without mentioning StumbleUpon because nothing else has saved me more from burning in blogger’s block than StumbleUpon. I remember those cold nights when it was totally uncomfortable to sit in front of PC on chair and do anything.

I used to take my blanket to the chair, sit in there and start stumbling because it was still not possible to type or think about anything, but point out the facts.

That’s the reason that I know so much about this site without using it much recently. It is wonderful for giving you new ideas and forces you to think in many directions.

11. Meet your readers:

No! No! No! Hell No. I’m not saying you to go on world tour to meet all of your readers. I’m talking about anyone or more that you easily can meet. I had a few chances of doing exactly that and I still don’t forget the shining and happiness that was in those eyes.

If you don’t treat them like they’re inferior and talk to them like they are your buddies, they have tons of ideas stored for you. They won’t tell you because they won’t realize they are giving you ideas.

You have to listen to them and listen very carefully because that’s the most important part of the game. Listen what he loves and what he expects from you and you should not be running out of ideas any time soon.

12. Social Media News feeds:

Scrolling down on Facebook while scratching your head is a waste of time right? Is it what you think it is? Actually no. Every shinning thing is not gold and similarly every dull thing is not bad for you.

Like me, if you have over 80% of friends who are bloggers, Facebook or any social media cannot be waste of time for you. The biggest benefit is of course building relationship and interacting with people who are like you, but something that we don’t usually notice is that people in such environment barely run out of ideas.

Because, they see a lot of content every day hence, a lot to get inspired from.

13. Facebook Groups:

Every time I write or read the word “Facebook Groups” my early days of blogging become fresh once again. I don’t have any idea how many questions I asked in groups and how many people I answered to.

And, as for now, I’m taking a third benefit from Facebook groups and that is generating ideas from looking at what’s going on in there. It tells the truth of what people want and what they need.

Hence, always saving me and everyone who follows this method from Blogger’s Block.

14. TV and Newspapers:

Like many times above, I’m not kidding. Watching TV gives a lot of blogging post ideas actually. If you don’t believe, try my trick next time. Whenever you see any show, which is popular, try to analyze it from blogging point of view.

Like how they know the needs of their audience? How is their presentation and what’s the tone to get in the people’s heart? How and where from they get inspiration to keep producing more and more quality stuff and many other thing like that.

It will be uncomfortable for first few times, but as you get used to it, you won’t love paper or anything else. Every time you want a new idea to pop up in your head about blogging, you will run to watch TV. Mark my words.

I love to read, but not long articles that exceeds 1200 words. Because, I start feeling bored and that is why I don’t usually right longer than that. But, today was different. I had a point to deliver.

And, when I have a special point to talk about, I don’t care about how long the article is going until I reach at the bottom. And, the same thing happened with me today and I have broken my own record of writing more than 1500 words for a single post.

I spent hours on this post to guide you how to get new blog post ideas so you can stay away from blogger’s block and do what you love to do. Happy blogging. And make sure to let me know what you think.