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7 Enormous Benefits of Regular Blog Publishing

benefits regular bloggingWe have all heard this over and over again and it is not a private secret that regular blog publishing has numerous benefits.

7 Enormous Benefits of Regular Blog Publishing

And, I’m sure you agree with that too. Since, this is something that almost every other blogger seems to be thinking and talking about, I thought it would be a good idea to put some light on those actual benefits of regular blog publishing. I understand that it is pretty hard to come up with new and fresh ideas to write about which is why I have already created a comprehensive list of ways to get new blog post ideas.

1. You Gain Respect:

The first benefit that you get by publishing regularly is gaining the respect of your readers because they realize that you are unique and different from the rest. And, I fully believe that respect is precious and hard to earn than anything else in this world.

Hence, if you can get it by just being a regular blogger, it is not a bad deal I think. The thing is that having the respect of your readers makes a lot of things easier and faster like getting traffic to your blog.

2. People Come Back:

When you have a high quality blog, people want to read it, but if a blog is of high quality and is also frequently updated, people will not only love to read, but they will come back.

They will come back again and again to see your content. This is because they know when the updates are coming and they have an exact idea when they are typing your blog’s URL that there will be something new to learn. And, not just the old post that have been rusting on home page for quite some time now.

Since, there are millions and millions of blogs in blogosphere, no one is actually going to care about you if you don’t care about your readers. You are not the only one giving something to readers. They can go anywhere else because there are alternatives for everything like every song, every article, every blog and every piece of information.

3. More Advertisers:

Who doesn’t want advertisers? Of course everyone loves to have as many advertisers as possible. It is pretty obvious that regular blog publishing attracts more advertisers.

Why? This is because it is easy to for anyone to be impressed by a blogger who is serious about his blog and the best way to show your seriousness is by posting frequently and regularly.

Advertisers are attracted to the blog that are not only of high quality and have high traffic, but that are regularly updated too because that’s the biggest sign that blog has a readership. Hence, we can say that regular blog publishing is the most attractive thing for advertisers.

4. Unbelievable Alexa Ranking:

There are actually many ways to boost Alexa ranking ,but the most effective one would have to regular blog publishing. Alexa takes posting schedule very seriously and considers it as one of the basic quality of bloggers who are serious than the rest of people filled in the blogosphere.

Hence, if you want to have an amazing Alexa ranking and enjoy it’s amazing benefits, you should adopt nothing else, but the habit of regular blog posting.

5. Readers Trust You:

This may seem an easy thing, but trust is, it is not. It is not that much easy to make anyone trust you. Even your friends will argue with you a lot before finally saying “yes” to your point.

If you become honest with your blog and your blog readers by regularly feeding them high quality content, you have won their trust. And, when readers begin to trust your words that’s the beginning of your success.

Why? Because your subscribers will increase and number won’t come back down. It will be a lot easier to sell your products and products of other people as an affiliate. In short, you can get a lot of things from blogging that you want just by being regular.

6. Better Search Engine Traffic:

I don’t know if many people realize this, but search engine can easily detect how serious you are about your blog by looking at its updates frequency. And, I can bet that there is no search engine on this planet that will send traffic to dead blogs instead of ones that are being regularly filled.

In simple words, if you are not posting regularly, you are missing all the golden opportunities of getting free traffic from search engines. Once you become consistent and regular, it won’t take long for search engines to realize that and then you will realize the potential of traffic coming from there.

7. Fast Track To Success:

Do you want your blog to be successful in 5 months or you want to work, sit back, watch and hope for years and years for your hard work to come to fruition? I’m sure you want the first one.

It is quite obvious that hard work makes you successful, but consistency is also an important element that mostly people forget while talking about success. Particularly, blogging success.

The reason why I want you to be regular more than any other reason is this one. You may not know the benefits of regular blog publishing, but it will ultimately make you a successful person.

Final Words…

But after you have read this comprehensive piece, I don’t think you know all the benefits of regular blog publishing. But in case there is anything that is still unclear deep within you, I encourage you to ask it in a moment’s notice. I’ll be glad to help you out.