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6 Web Habits you Need to Cut off For Successful Blogging

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bad habits blogBloggers surf the web more than anybody else and they get distracted more than others as well.

Success is not coming till you are focused on the thing that you want to accomplish. There are always distraction in everything. In sports, studies, prayers and Blogging.

Let’s slowly move down to the 6 Web Habits you Need to Cut off For Successful Blogging.

Hence I’m here to solve this problem for you and remind myself the lessons once again. There are somethings that are always in the way when you want to blog  so you need to be aware of them. I’m about to stop to keep introducing you to the post and let’s get this thing rolling.

1. Facebook Scroll Down

Facebook is just created the way to be addictive to anyone who once opens it in their browser. It’s easy to chat, find friends and tell everybody what’s up. But here is another thing that keeps people online even when they don’t wanna stay or know nothing what to do next. They simply begin to scroll down and keep scrolling and scrolling.. Without any purpose.

That’s how Facebook can kill a Blogger. The truth is, Blogging is not always fun. There are ups and downs and changing in your mod. So Facebook can be a good way to make yourself fresh again but if you become addictive, then it’s gonna harm you badly. You’d be scrolling down when you should be writing your next post or doing little email promotion and it really kills you.

2. Stumbling

It’s a great trick though to know what’s going on in the world, what’s hot on the web and it can give you new blog post ideas as well. But what if it is the only thing you do ? What if you start feeling the more pleasure in stumbling as compared to blogging ? Huhhhh…man…

Your downtime can start just right there. Stumbling is just as much addictive as facebook and in order to be successful Blogger, you would have to cut it down. You have to use it for some purpose and not for just fun. You get it ?

3. Youtube

That’s where I get trapped. For me , youtube is the most addictive website in the world. There are millions and millions of videos and you just can’t get out of there easily once you start watching one video of your interest. But you gotta do it. I’m now starting to get control over it and found that if you can manage your time, youtube is great way to refresh you for the next post.

4. Useless Chatting

I talked to that friend, I got a new friend , I met that friend online, she talked to me, I said this , she said that and blah blah blah. What in the world this all means ? You talked to a new person for 3 hours but what you got actually at the end of the day ? Nothing absolutely except wasting your time.

I’m not saying that you should not be doing any of these things but my point is, be in limit. Anything that you start doing excessively , even Blogging, it’s not gonna give you positive results normally. You have to stay focused on what’s more important. And I don’t think that any of these things can be worthy than Blogging.

5. Finding Shortcuts

One simple line “success is never easy” so stop looking out for shortcuts and be on the correct route or else, you may get a U-turn backwards. There is no magic trick in the world that can make your blog bigger and better than Darren Rowse or Daniel Socco in just couple of days or weeks or months even.

In order to get to the top, you will have to start working from the bottom. Learn new things, apply them in different ways to see what works better and when you get one method, stick to it but please stop looking for tricks and to be the top guy within one night.

6. Reading , Reading and Reading

Or you might be in this interesting trouble. Because anybody who is reading other blog and knowing new things (I said knowing not learning because you don’t learn anything as far as you do it yourself) thinks that he is using his time the best way possible. But here is the thing, the guy is doing nothing actually.

He read many blogs in the morning and thought like “this is what I’m gonna do , that’s what I’m gonna do” but his day always end with nothing done . Yeah nothing at all.Because the guy is addictive to knowing only and not learning. To me, reading new stuff and not applying that is “Mental Masturbation” .

You can’t keep hundreds of useless things in your mind and remember them whenever you want on daily basis. So whenever you read something and feel like you should be doing it, then do it. Don’t wait and never save the idea for later.

I hope that I got in your mind and you got what I said. So I recommend you to avoid all the above things and use your time in the right direction, subscribe to this blog to be motivated and aware of the new things, comment below and let your voice be heard  and that’s the bottom line .